Downhill Longboards Maple or Formica

At the online store of you can find many great downhill longboards. What stood out to me was the lineup of downhill longboards from madrid. Many of the downhill boards are available in maple as well as with a formica cover. The formica makes the boards stiffer and for some people that’s just what they need.

madrid maple formica

They also have great inspirational and exuberant names a Glutton, 50call or Kraken. It just cracks me up.
The finish is just amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these to check it out.
Perfect for curvy canyons or as downhill speedboard. These are made for the advance longboarder and the pro’s but everybody can have a great time on them.

What do you think?

Downhill Longboarding in the City

This time some inspiring photo’s from Hills that are bombed by longboarders in the city and around.

The speed is just hypnotic and the hills can be hazardous. Be safe and wear a helmet.



Hilly cities like San Francisco are great especially down – for way back they have the cable cars
– but they can be dangerous as cars are not used to boarders.



Be safe and remember that when you are longboarding and hit something (anything..) at high speed you mostly likely will be the one that looses, the human body is pretty fragile in the end, so take precautions and try not to hit anything.

Have fun on your long board.

Madrid Downhill Longboards, they are unsurpassed and rad!

Madrid has a lot of pro-series board, which are designed by pro-riders.

On their team are people like Zak Maytum (did you see Zak’s 70 mph run) Justin Rouleau, Calvin Stab, Max Dubler, ..

they are lucky to work with Madrid as they get their own longboard.

Here is Zaks, and as we can see in the video if is totally rad.



Found if for a very good price here at the downhill longboard section of this longboard store

This board just screams speed.

Found a list of many Madrid longboards here.

zoooofff…. have to go…


Downhill at 70 mph on a Madrid Longboard

You need to see this, Boulder’s Zak Maytum longboarding down a Colorado hill at speeds that reached nearly 70 mph? It’s a trip. 

The 24-year-old pro from Madrid Skateboard flew down the empty roads, reaching speeds near 70 mph.
see video and be amazed.